Tuck Top Auto Lock Bottom

The boxes can be designed in a straight or reverse tuck, are easily customized with die-cut windows or PVC Window, inside product partitions and inserts, hanging tabs, and child-resistant locks. Tuck top auto-lock bottom box model enables it to open and close easily and smoothly because it has double flaps. It is ideal for the frequently used products in daily life such as medicine, cream and perfume.

Uses of Tuck Top Auto Lock Bottom

It is particularly preferred in the markets including medical, health, cosmetics and beauty. Tuck end top box is delivered to the customer the way that side parts are glued and folded. Bottom closure is locked manually by the customer to operationalize the packaging. Filling the packaging can be done manually or automatically. The product should be light (maximum 200 gr.) and shouldn’t spill or leak. If the product is dusty or liquid, it should have its own packaging and the product shouldn’t contact the interior of the box directly.