custom rigid boxes

Custom Two-Piece Boxes

Custom Two-Piece boxes are one of the best Packaging solutions for different kinds of products with amazing designs. These have two separate pieces for the bottom storage and the top lid that are an exact same shape and size with the top lid having slightly extended flaps on each side to fit the bottom or inner storage piece firmly or you can get joined two pieces which are fixed from both ends but it is a different style called RETT (Roll End Tuck Top)box or RETF (Roll End Tuck Front) box.

What Is Two-Piece Box?

Custom Two-Piece can be done on Cardboard, Kraft, or Rigid stock. Rigid Two-Piece is luxurious, high-end, the sturdiest and most beautiful box with a unique presentation. Actually, custom two-piece boxes are usually done with chipboard or Greyboard material. You can select stock thickness as per your needs. Different Add-ons enhance the beauty of Box. Although a Rigid Two-Piece box is a little expensive than another style of boxes it looks the more unique and most beautiful way of presenting a Gift.

Wholesale Two-Piece Boxes

Fin Packaging always focuses on Customer needs and fulfills the Customers’ basic needs by providing Best Wholesale Price Quote, Fast Design service, Fastest turnaround, and free shipping without any extra or hidden charges. These boxes have been used to pack the Products for a long time, and people are still sticking to this trend to make their Products or Gift look special to someone. Fin packaging makes these custom two-piece boxes in many different sizes and different colors and patterns to make them special for you. You can give us the required specifications and Fin packaging will deliver you the highest quality products, which you always wanted for your business growth.

custom rigid boxes