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Advantages of Using Wholesale Sleeve Boxes for Packaging

The use of sleeve boxes in businesses and retail settings has increased dramatically over the last decade or so. These boxes have been shown to increase sales and help maintain merchandise levels. They are sometimes referred to as “stock cubes” due to their shape (resembling a cube). This shape makes them ideal for packing individual items and often come with their own flexible padding, inside and out. Below are some more specific advantages of using them:

o Increase Your Product Sale – In the retail industry, they are ideal for products that are not in stock and need to be packaged and shipped quickly. Often you will receive minimum orders on items when they are released in the market and these minimum orders often require an extra fee if you want to fulfill them with your company. Printing on sleeve boxes requires a minimum order but can be fulfilled if you order a minimum number of boxes, so they work great for this.

o Additional Protection for Packaging Solutions – If you are using standard cardboard packing for your items or stock, sleeve boxes offer additional protection compared to regular cardboard packaging solutions. Due to their design, printing or coating, these products resist damage and shrinkage that may occur with thick cardboard packaging solutions. Also, because they are lightweight, they are easier to transport and can fit in vehicle cup holders. Many companies choose these types of packaging solutions to protect sensitive or fragile items that are shipped via UPS or FedEx. For instance, those that manufacture and/or distribute figurines may print shipping labels with fragile items and ship them via UPS or FedEx, rather than use the standard bubble mailers that many retailers use.

o Product Warranty or Guarantee – Because these products come with a minimum order, you can be sure that you will receive the product you pay for. When you invest in custom sleeve boxes, you can have peace of mind that your fragile items are protected and that you are covered in case something happens. This will help you to minimize the risk and therefore the chance that your fragile items get damaged while in transit.

o Increase Productivity – Using custom sleeve boxes to protect fragile items not only saves you money, but also increases the efficiency of your business. It is much easier to be more productive when you are confident that your product is in safe hands. With ease-of-use and reliable packing options, these boxes make it easy to move your stock to new location, as well as store it away until it is needed. These sleeve boxes also help you to avoid extra charges on your monthly inventory, which means you get to spend your money on more important things.

o Increase Productivity and Improve Appearance of Packaging – The color, shape, size and style of the boxes can make all the difference when you want to maximize productivity. When you go for custom made sleeves, you are able to choose from an array of sizes and shapes according to what suits your business needs best. Moreover, you are guaranteed of high quality and safety of your merchandise. Customizing the packaging of your goods will give them a distinct look and enhance their overall appearance. These sleeves make it easy to maintain the cleanliness of goods and to keep them organized with ease.

o Increased Productivity and Improved Visibility – If you are looking forward to promoting your business, then one of the most effective ways to do so is to get your goods packed and shipped in custom made sleeve packaging boxes. If you pack your goods in traditional packaging boxes, you may find it hard to market your product effectively. In addition to this, you may never know whether your shipment reaches the destination you intended it to reach or not. For this reason, custom packaging boxes ensure your products reach the people you are targeting.

o Reduced Costs – Most people cannot afford to purchase bulk merchandise. Therefore, they choose to stock items in standard size. However, to save cost, you can always customize the standard sizes to suit individual preferences. This enables you to buy large quantities at wholesale prices and sell them at low prices. This is possible because standard sleeve boxes come in a variety of sizes that can meet the need of any business. Therefore, opting for custom sleeve boxes enables you to provide your customers with quality merchandise at competitive prices while you remain within your monthly budget.

Custom Sleeve Box Packaging

Custom Sleeve Boxes are used for the exclusive purpose of displaying objects in an attractive manner so as to maximizes profits early than the usual time period. A number of companies today are venturing into this sphere of business due to the great returns on investment. Therefore, it is advisable to select the best option to promote the products early. In this article, we will discuss the 3 aspects to consider while going in for custom-made box:

Company Logo: A powerful company logo can add to the visibility and image of a brand or product. Today, many companies use unique shapes for their company logos, which also help them to become a part of the consumer’s consciousness. The shapes of the boxes can be custom shapes. These shapes can be chosen from a wide range such as letter boxes, star tops, circular shapes, heart shapes, etc.

Quote Form: Many companies require customers to provide information about their requirements before they can place an order. Many companies use the quote form to collect all the required information of the consumer. The custom sleeve printing boxes can be customized according to the required boxes. In this case, the size of the box and the quote form would determine the size of the box and the quote form.

Shape of the Box: Today, many companies use unusual shapes for their custom sleeves packaging. While some of the companies go in for square or rectangular shaped boxes, others prefer unique shapes. In this case, the shape of the box packaging should be chosen carefully. An ideal shape would be the round or oval shaped boxes, hexagonal boxes, heart shaped boxes, rectangles and some more.

Material of the Box: The material used for custom sleeve boxes must be of high quality. Most of the companies choose corrugated cardboard for this purpose. However, if the company is short of budget then any type of corrugated cardboard can be selected. If you are a creative person, then you can design your own corrugated cardboard sleeves packaging. All you need to do is get some boxes and then rip them in different shapes.

Your Own Shader: You can also choose the boxes according to your own custom design. There are many companies which offer different types of custom shader. If you want to have your boxes designed according to your own design, then you can order these boxes online. Every single piece of the custom shader will be manufactured to your specifications. These are then shipped to your doorstep.

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